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Grass Care

Rough Grass Topper

Ideal for weed control in meadows. Optional following wheel. Heavy duty gearbox, PTO shaft with shear bolt. Convex skids for non marking operation. Requires minimum 20Hp Tractor.


Finishing Mower

For a lawn type finish Cutting height 1″ to 6″ Gearbox rated up to 40Hp Supplied with 4 wheels and floating hitches for perfect level cut.


Trailed Heavy Grassland Harrow

Ideal for “fluffing up” sand paddocks and ménage. Can be rolled up for easy storage. 2m bed (2 sections) with draw bar.



2.0m x 0.6m x 6mm Flat Ballast Roller
3PL 5ft Flat Ballast Roller 1.5m x 0.6m x 6mm Draw bar
Can be filled with water, waste oil or sand.

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